The first day of September, 2020, we pause to remember all those who experienced the monster, category 5 ‘ Hurricane Dorian’ – one of the most devastating hurricanes in recent memory.

We thank all Bahamians, Residents, and the World at large who immediately came to our aid.

We have faith that Abaco, The Abaco Cays and Grand Bahama will in time, rebound even bigger and better, and with more opportunities than before for its residents.

Rebuilding Grand Bahama One Year Post Hurricane Dorian
Authored by: Office of the Prime Minister Grand Bahama
Source: Office of the Prime Minister Grand Bahama
Date: September 2, 2020

Hurricane Dorian made landfall in The Bahamas on September 1st, 2019 ravaging the islands of Abaco and Grand Bahama. One year has passed since this devastating storm lashed our islands, claiming lives, homes and businesses. It is estimated that some locations in Grand Bahama experienced storm surges of over 20ft affecting some 400 businesses and between 8000-9000 homes.

As we now commemorate the one-year anniversary of the worst disaster in our country’s history, we remember those who lost their lives in the storm and the families that they left behind.

We also remember those who worked tirelessly before, during and after the storm – their heroic efforts will never be forgotten. We remember all that was lost in the storm, and we reflect on the immense progress we have made in rebuilding our communities. While there is still much more to be done, we have already made tremendous strides and continue every day in our efforts toward restoration.

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As we are now in the Hurricane period for 2020, which runs from June to November, we have over 19 named storms, some of which could develop into hurricanes. In preparation, residents are cautioned to begin preparations early for protection of human life and property. A list of Hurricane Shelters is available at and

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